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The beginning of the end! The MIRACLE vaccines, DNA gene editing, Super soldiers, GOLD AGE 2021

Georgette Monreal
Georgette Monreal
16 Dec 2020

In this video I cover a few things that i felt were connecting like a puzzle.

First the MTV movie and TV awards that was aired on December 6, 2020.
This happens to be the first ever "Golden Goat" awards show. The goat here is representation of "BAAL" aka Molech.

As seen in the clips Vanessa who hosts the awards show, is drenched in "fake blood" which is subliminal for actual blood sacrifices.

They called this programming a "Miracle" to be shown.

Now moving onto this "Golden" manifestation. Prince Charles a few months back also mentioned this pandemic as being a "Golden opportunity"

Making a pathway for this "RESET" and "IT'S TIME" programming

this "Golden opportunity" is turning into a "Green deal"

Trump mentioned a "Medical Miracle" when he updated the world on the vaccine on December 12, 2020.

More of this "Miracle" manifestation being played out here.

Trump also mentioned this vaccine as passing the "Gold standard safety"

The golden age is passing into..?

Mike Pompeo is seen scrambling these last couple of weeks into Israel and making a couple of moves, I believe he also knows something is up which they are not telling the world.

On December 6th 2020, an article is published..
Water is running out so fast, Wall street is trading it like gold and oil.

They are now saying America is running out of water, and they are planning for future shortages.

Coincidently enough a day before this publishing of this. Trump was at a rally on December 5, 2020, and he mentioned a few things that were important and relates to this.

He talked about the "Waters of the United States" and he also mentioned the year 2030, Trump is fully aware of agenda 2030.

He accused China as the ones kicking in during this time.

America first policy, Indication that America aka mystery Babylon will go first in this depopulation agenda?

Chinese professor ad uploaded in 2010, shows predictive programming from "Stimulus" spending and showing the year 2030 in which China owns the U.S

Trump is a deal maker, he most likely made a deal with China, and this is pretty much how things are going, whether it's Trump or Biden and everything is going as planned into this new world order.

We will not be able to return to normal without proof of vaccines, or soon the mark. (Revelations)

Trump made a Christmas message in which he focused on God and the son of God Jesus Christ, but have you noticed he still reads from a script?

Army general gives update and describes D-DAY as the beginning of the end for vaccine distribution.

They are coming out saying GENE editing exists, but they are accusing CHINA when we all know they're all involved.

Satanic super soldiers programming and troops for the anti-christ

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