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Hero Animals Saving Humans Caught On Camera

ODella Wilson
ODella Wilson
12 Dec 2020

Hero Animals Saving Humans Caught On Camera

Most of the times, a dog is considered to be man’s best friend. However, there are other animals too that have proven their loyalty. Sometimes your hero is a cat, a dolphin or even an elephant!!! Today, we'd like to take the opportunity to share some highly compelling stories that prove animals are the kindest and altruistic creatures of all.
And this emphasis will be put on stories with animals that have saved human lives as the main characters, those furry, fuzzy, shady and shadowy heroes who seek neither glory nor recognition, those vigilantes who act with the sole aim of being fair-minded and balanced in spirit. Here is our list of hero animals saving humans caught on camera!
10. Binti the Gorilla
A gorilla named Binti Jua made worldwide headlines when she carried a boy to safety after he slipped away from his mother and climbed through a barrier at the Western Lowland Gorilla Pit at the Brookfield Zoo in 1996. It was after the boy was attacked by another Gorilla, Harambe, at the same enclosure that Binti came to the rescue after finding him unconscious.

The video shows the boy lying on the ground before Binti Jua gingerly picks him up around the waist, carrying him to a door where rescuers waited as a crowd looked on. Binti-Jua had a sad upbringing and was cradled and raised by human handlers and other gorillas in her enclosure hence her empathy towards the boy.

The boy didn't know he had a saviour until he woke up in front of the paramedics. He later made a full recovery. Binti was praised for her maternal nature as a Chicago grocer offered her 25 pounds of free bananas. Dozens of citizens also offered to adopt her.
9. Mila The Beluga Whale
They say animals have a sixth sense and that’s how they know if something is wrong. Yang Yun was taking part in a diving competition to become a whale trainer at the Polar Land Aquarium in China. In the test, divers had to sink to the bottom of the 20-foot, beluga-filled, arctic pool and stay underwater for as long as possible without breathing equipment.

Everything was fine until Yang Yun felt her leg cramp up, and she was unable to swim or even move due to the cold icy water. As there was no diving equipment provided for this contest, the girl began to drown. Mila, a Beluga whale, rushed to rescue Yang and guided her to safety by placing Yun's leg in her mouth. If it hadn’t been for the brave whale, the young diver would’ve probably drowned.
8. Azltan the Tiger
A dramatic video emerged showing a big cat handler, Eduardo Serio, narrowly avoiding being savaged by a leopard after a heroic intervention by a tiger. The clip shows the animal conservationist playing with a group of lions at the Black Jaguar White Tiger sanctuary in Mexico.

Unknown to him, a leopard starts slowly moving closer and closer behind him until suddenly it starts charging towards him. But as the spotted animal, whose name is Dharma, sprints towards Eduardo, a huge tiger leaps through the air and tackles the beast. The hero tiger, named Aztlan, had been sitting in the shade behind its trusted handler before showing split-second reactions.
Aztlan used incredible agility to catch Dharma and pin the leopard to the ground startling Eduardo. It’s likely the Dharma was only playing but the zookeeper still could’ve been seriously injured considering the weight and sharp claws of the leopard!


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